Training Programmes

Group Gateway Programme Accredited Facilitator Training

Group Gateway Facilitator Accreditation is achieved by:

  • Pre-existing experience/training in supporting those who experience domestic abuse.
  • Remote or face to face attendance of initial Gateway Facilitator training to begin the accredited process.
  • Co-facilitation of one full risk managed Group Gateway Programme. 
  • Completion and submission of the Gateway Facilitator Portfolio of evidence.
  • Attend one Gateway Facilitator Portfolio Review meeting to support awarding body submission. 

Group Gateway Facilitator Training Objectives:

  • Gain knowledge of the structure and content of  Group Gateway Programme.
  • Explore facilitator role, skills, and core principles of Gateway provision.
  • Consider group dynamics and management strategies specific to diverse groups.
  • Identify Gateway Programme risk assessment and safety planning processes.
  • Utilise evaluation tools to measure Gateway Programme provision effectiveness.

Accredited Training costs £450 per person. Remote training consists of 4 half day sessions. Alternatively face to face training takes place over 2 full days at The Parade Enterprise Centre, Blacon, Chester CH1 5HN. C19 restrictions allowing.        In-house training is available.

Agencies registered to provide  evidence-based Group Gateway Programmes must purchase a £295 annual license fee. 

Gateway content is updated and made available via the online Gateway facilitator portal. 

For further info contact: 07516738703

1-2-1 Gateway Programme Accredited Facilitator Training

1-2-1 Gateway Facilitator Accreditation is achieved by:

  • Having pre-requisite domestic abuse experience/training
  • Attendance of remote or face to face initial 1-2-1 Gateway Facilitator Training.
  • Provision of five 1-2-1 Gateway sessions while collating a Facilitator Portfolio of evidence.
  • One meeting with Tools4change to support Portfolio submission to the awarding body.

1 2 1 Gateway Programme accreditation requires facilitators to keep up to date with safe and risk managed Gateway provision content via an online facilitator portal and updating their knowledge of current support provision on an ongoing basis.  

Accredited Gateway Facilitator Training Objectives:

  • Explore the concerns and expectations of facilitators and service users.
  • Consider the principles of creating an environment which safeguards personal privacy.
  • Develop and apply guidelines for safe Gateway provision.
  • Explore strategies to manage individual beliefs, behaviours and responses to session content.
  • Identify and implement ongoing safe, risk managed Gateway provision.
  • Utilise evaluation tools to measure Gateway impact and effectiveness.

Initial Accredited Gateway Facilitator Training costs £465 per person and involves either 4 half day Remote sessions or 2 full days face to face at The Parade Enterprise Centre, Blacon, Chester CH1 5HN.                 

In-house training is available.

For info call or email: 07516738703

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

Who is the Course for?

Those who require awareness of controlling, abusive relationships.

Course Aim:

To build awareness of the nature, scale, dynamics, and impact of partner controlling abusive relationships.

Topics include:

The scale of abuse within intimate relationships.

Myths surrounding controlling relationships.

Tactics and cycle of abuse.

Why is it hard to leave – barriers to leaving and accessing support?

Best practice when responding disclosure.

Risk assessment, safety planning and signposting support options.

Cost -  £45 per delegate.

Remote half day session or face to face at The Parade Enterprise Centre, Blacon, Chester CH1 5HN depending on C19 restrictions. In-house training is available. or call: 07516738703