Cancellation & Charging Policy

Tools4change CIC training course bookings must be cancelled with 72 hours’ notice to avoid a charge being made to your organisation.


Cancelling your booking:

You can cancel a course booking by:
• Calling: 07876702505
• Emailing:

From 1 April 2015 Tools4change CIC implements a charging policy for non-attendance of training courses.

Charges for non-attendance
• £50 for a half-day session
• £100 for a full-day session

Charges for late submission of Accredited Portfolios

Allocated dates will be assigned for submission of completed portfolios for accreditation, there will be a re-registration charge of £40.00 if the portfolios are not submitted within the allotted timescale.

Who will be liable to incur a charge:

Organisations who nominate delegates, or; Individuals who self-nominate (e.g. Self Employed Consultant);
Exceptions will be made in exceptional circumstances only, at the discretion of the tools4change CIC.

Why is this necessary?

During 2014 all the training places were booked in advance but of these, 5 failed to attend the training sessions. All training events had waiting lists and all those places could have been filled if they had been cancelled in advance.

Raising awareness of the ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ will be managed by:

Providing organisations with access to this Policy, (in advance of charging), to raise awareness and disseminate to all future delegates/management; Prior notification to individual delegates, explaining the ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ and the financial implications.



Download Cancellation Policy

To cancel or rearrange email