Cancellation & Charging Policy

To cancel or rearrange email

Tools4change CIC training course bookings must be cancelled with 72 hours’ notice to avoid a charge being made to your organisation.

Cancelling your booking

You can cancel a course booking by:

  • Calling: 07516738703
  • Email:

Charges for non-attendance

  • £50 for a half-day session
  • £100 for a full-day session

Charges for late submission of Accredited Portfolios

Allocated dates are assigned for Gateway Programme Facilitator Portfolios of evidence to be submitted for accreditation. There is a re-registration charge of £40.00 if Facilitator Portfolios are not submitted within the agreed, allotted timescale.

Who will be liable to incur a charge:

Organisations who nominate delegates, or;

Individuals who self-nominate (e.g. Self Employed Consultant);

Exceptions will be made in certain circumstances, at the discretion of Tools4change CIC training lead..

The ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ will be managed by:

Providing organisations with access to this Policy, (in advance of charging),

Prior notification for delegates of the ‘Non-Attendance Charging Policy’ and  financial implications.